Denver Weather in November

Denver weather in November is chilly yet sunny. It turns from cool fall days into winter throughout the month. This is the time of year when we start to get more snow although it often melts off quickly.

The days this month tend to warm up into the mid-50s. We usually dip down to below freezing at night after the sun goes down. The ski resorts are all hoping to be able to open their doors by Thanksgiving.

Read on for more information on what to expect from the weather, packing tips, and a few of my favorite things to do this month.

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Preparing for Your Stay & What to Wear

The Denver weather in November starts off with highs in the upper 50s. As the month continues, you will find cooler temperatures. It cools off a bit to around the mid to lower the 50s toward Thanksgiving and the end of the month.

The lows follow a similar pattern. They are often a little warmer toward the beginning of the month and cool off toward the end of the month. We will often have temperatures dipping below freezing most months.

The Denver weather in November is usually when we start to get a decent amount of snow. On average, we get around 7 to 8 inches throughout the month. It’s still a fun time to visit though as the sunny days tend to melt it down quickly.

Here are a few more details about this month’s weather:

  • Average High in November: 54° F (12° C)
  • Average Low in November: 23° F (-5° C)
  • Average Monthly Snow: 7-8 inches
  • Record High: 84° F (29° C) [11/25/1990]
  • Record Low: -5° F (-21° C) [11/24/1993]

How to Pack for the Weather in Denver in November

It does start to get cool and sometimes even really cold during the month of November in Denver. The days are still relatively mild, but you will want to pack some warm-weather items.

At an average high of 53 degrees, and an average low of 23, you are going to want to wear a medium jacket, long-sleeved shirts, warm pants, or a dress with tights to protect your legs.

During the night, you’ll want to bundle up even more. I recommend adding a heavier jacket or sweater to keep warm at night. It’s also time to break out the winter boots for those cool Denver nights.

The sunshine may make it feel a bit warmer than it really is, so keep this in mind as you pack. Bring along items that allow you to layer so you can add and remove items as the temperatures change throughout the day.

5 Fun Things to Do in November in Denver

  1. Catch a Denver Broncos game: The NFL season is in full swing, and the Denver Broncos are always in the hunt for the Super Bowl Championship. There are usually 2-3 home games a month, and Mile High Stadium is one of the best venues to watch a game. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance as they often sell out early. Find details and a full home schedule here.
  2. Celebrate Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a popular and fun time to visit. Many restaurants are open and have incredible choices including traditional Thanksgiving dinners. You can also go on tours, run some races, or check out the Christkindl Market for all your holiday shopping needs. Don’t forget the Avalanche and the Nuggets may also be playing at home. See what’s happening this Thanksgiving around the Mile High City.
  3. See the holiday lights on the City & County Building: The City & County Building has the largest light display in Denver. The first lighting of the season is in November. It then lights up each night throughout the holiday season. This display has over 600,000 lights that cover the building. If you want a little jig-a-ling-ling as well, the clock tower plays nightly carols. More about Denver’s Christmas lights displays.
  4. Attend the International Wine Festival: Denver is known as a beer town, but if you are a wine lover, you will find Denver is just as hospitable. This amazing festival is only during the first few days of November, but it is a must-visit. It brings together some of the best wine, food, and winery people worldwide. Fodor’s Travel ranked it in the Top 10 US wine festivals. More November events in Denver.
  5. See a live concert: The Denver weather in November is getting chilly, and it’s a great time to catch a concert. There are numerous venues all around town. The most famous bands will play in huge venues like the Pepsi Center. If you want to be a little edgier, check out some smaller venues with local bands playing. You just might find the next big thing before anyone else does. Find this November’s concert calendar.

Where to Stay in November in Denver

Your best bet is to find a nice, cozy place to stay in Denver for a night or two. Whether you are heading to the mountains for a while or spending some time exploring the Mile High City, you will find plenty of highly rated hotels all around town.

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