Denver Weather in August


Denver weather in August is amazing. It is warm, sunny most days. It's absolutely gorgeous here with highs in the 80s. We get very little rain this time of year, so you can expect mostly clear blue skies. 

It also cools down at night, so you can enjoy a fun night out on the town.

The great thing about August in Denver is that you won't have to think too hard about what to wear or pack. You will also find loads of outdoor and indoor activities to fill up your schedule this month. 

Read on for more tips on preparing for your stay, average temps throughout the month, and a few of the best things to do.

Denver weather in August

The Denver weather in August offers highs in the upper 80s during the day. It's warmer toward the beginning of the month and starts to cool down just a bit toward the end of the month. 

It starts to cool down as the sunsets over the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Most evenings start out in the 60s and cool off to the mid-50s overnight.

Each morning is cool too, but it tends to warm up quickly.

We get just a couple of inches of rain in August. You will most likely encounter some small afternoon thunderstorms during your stay. They will come in over the mountains around 3 or 4pm. They often drop just a little bit of rain and then clear off quickly.

Here are a few more details about the Denver weather in August.

Average High in August: 86° F/30° C

Average Low in August: 54° F/12° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: 2 inches of rain

Record High: 102° F/ 39° C (08/16/2002)

Record Low: 37° F/3° C (08/97/1992)

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How to Pack for the Denver Weather in August

The Denver weather in August is just about perfect. You won't need to plan ahead much, compared to other months that can have a larger spread between highs and lows during the day and night.

All you really need is a light jacket, light pants, shorts or a sundress. You can enjoy your lighter clothes during the day and then add on a light jacket or sweater at night.

Bring along shoes that you can walk in too. There is quite a bit to do here that requires a little walking, so you will want to come prepared. Sandals, lower heeled, and casual athletic shoes are perfect.

One of the reasons I love being in Denver during August is that I can just go outside, enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains almost every day.

5 Fun Things to Do in August

1. Sample local beer on a brewery tour: Most people know about Coors being in the Rocky Mountains, but Denver is definitely a craft beer lover's dream destination. Coors beer has a nice tour if you want to start with the big boy, but then make sure to hit smaller local ones like Great Divide, Prost and the Wynkoop Brewery tour. There are many to choose from, so plan ahead. Find some great options here.

2. Learn about Hammond's Candy on a free tour: If you are serious about your candy, and have a sweet tooth like I do, then you have to visit Hammond's Candy and take a free tour. You can actually see their ribbon candy, and others, being made right before your eyes. You also will get a tasty treat at the end of the tour. No registration is required unless you have a group larger than 10. More about this and other free tours in Denver.

3. Catch an outdoor concert: What could be a better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to catch an outdoor concert in the Mile High City? Everyone knows about the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, which is a naturally formed concert arena with perfect acoustics. Other top venues around town include Fiddler's Green and the Bontanic Gardens. You will also find some great indoor concerts as well each summer. Find a schedule of summer shows.

4. Attend a local festival: The Denver weather in August is perfect for festivals, and Denver knows how to put on the best. Some of the festivals ranging from the always delicious Denver Burger Battle, the Vintage Jazz Festival, the Lego Convention and, since Denver is such a beer city, the Blues & Brews Festival. There are many more so make sure to check the schedule.

5. Go white water rafting: Want to get wet and enjoy the Rocky Mountain natural water? Then why not go white water rafting and do it in style! There are a number of white water rafting areas and you can choose what level of difficulty you want to try. Your guides will make sure you are treated professionally and your trip will be as safe as possible.

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Where to Stay in Denver in August

If you plan to stay in Denver for a night or two, you will find several great options. You will find my favorites downtown and a few others right near the Colorado Convention Center. These are perfect if you are planning on attending a local festival, a Colorado Rockies game, or a convention.

If you plan to bring along your four-legged friend, then make sure to check out my list of the top pet friendly options all around town.

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