Denver Weather in September

What to Wear & Other TIPS FOR YOUR STAY

Denver weather in September is fantastic and truly a great time to visit the city. Summer is winding down and it starts to cool off a bit from the heat of August. This makes it a perfect time to visit. 

Most days this month, you will find temps in the mid to upper 70s. It cools off at night where you can expect lows in the mid-40s.

Read more to find out what to expect, how to pack for your trip, and some of the best events this month in the Mile High City.

Denver weather in September

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The Denver weather in September starts out warmer toward the beginning of the month. It then starts to cool down as we head into the fall season. Early in the month, you will find highs in the upper 70s with some days still in the lower 80s. 

As the month progresses, you will find temperatures closer to the mid-70s. With clear blue skies almost every day, it's such an amazing time to be here.

At night, the temperatures cool off quickly as the sunsets over the mountains. The beginning of the month cools down to the lower 50s or upper 40s. Toward the end of the month, it's a little cooler at night with lows dipping down into the mid to lower 40s overnight.

We don't get much rain this time of year with an average of around 1 inch. It's also a time of year when we might get a dusting or two of snow. On average, we also get about 1 inch of snow in September.

Here are a few more details for the Denver weather in September.

Average High in September: 78° F/26° C

Average Low in September: 44° F/7° C

Average Monthly Rainfall/Snowfall: 1 inch each

Record High: 100° F/ 38° C (09/13/1990)

Record Low: 14° F/-10° C (09/29/1985)

How to Pack for the Denver Weather in September

Denver weather in September offers warm sunny days, clear skies, and fresh air. The evenings are cool with a slight hint of fall in the air.

I recommend bringing along some layers for your visit in September. You will find temps in the upper 70s most of the month. It's a little warmer in early September and slightly cooler toward the end of the month.

At night, the average lows dip into the 40s, but that is typically overnight. Most evenings, you will find temps in the lower 60s to upper 50s. It's a little cooler at night toward the end of the month, but still usually comfortable for outdoor dining or activities.

During the day, make sure to bring along light weight, short sleeved shirts and shorts. You will also be comfortable in skirts or light weight pants/jeans. 

Bring along some light weight jackets or sweaters to add to your outfit for the evening. I also recommend open toed shoes for the day and closed toed shoes at night to stay warm (especially later in the month).

Don't forget your comfortable walking shoes too as it's so beautiful, you will find yourself walking around outside quite a bit. 

5 Fun Things to Do in September

1. Celebrate Labor Day: Labor Day in Denver is a great time to visit, but it's challenging as there are so many fun events to choose from. Some of these include a number of different brew festivals if you like your craft brews, going to Elitch Gardens so you can enjoy the rides and the waterpark, watching the Rockies play at Coors field or the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown between CSU and CU football teams. More details on what to do during Labor Day Weekend.

2. Enjoy a night of baseball at Coors Field: There is nothing better than catching a game of baseball, or catching a baseball, at Coors Field. The Rockies are always in the hunt to get into the playoffs and win it all. There are about 10-15 home games in September and, because of the altitude, the ball flies further than any other park, so you might see some massive home runs. The park is gorgeous so it is a definite must if you like baseball. Find their September calendar here.

3. Attend one of our many festivals: The Denver weather in September is so perfect that you will find dozens of festivals this month. Your choices range from the A Taste of Colorado, OktoberFest Denver (starts in September and runs through October), and the Parker Art Festival. There are many more during the month of September so make sure to check the schedule.

4. Spend the day at a museum with your family: Denver has lots of options for the whole family and especially with kids. There are so many, it is sometimes hard to choose. Some of my favorites include the Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum, the Morrison Natural History Museum, and of course, the Children's Museum. There are many more museums so make sure to choose one, or more than one, that you want to visit and enjoy. Find a full list of the best family-friendly museums.

5. Catch a theater performance: Denver is a hidden gem for theater. There are many Broadway shows, like Kinky Boots, Frozen, and many others for you to see. There are also many smaller venues, with local actors, performing new and avant garde productions. You will be glad you grabbed some theater tickets when you visit Denver since we have so many options. Get a full schedule of theater shows in Denver in September.

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Hotel Recommendations

There are several great places to stay in Denver. Whether you attending with a conference, on your own, or with your family, you will find many options all around town. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

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