Denver Weather in March


Denver weather in March is cool and sunny with a mixture of rainy and snowy days. On average, we get more snow in March than any other month. However, it melts away quickly from the strength of the sun at this altitude.

As you plan for your stay, prepare for highs in the mid-50s and lows just below freezing. You will want to bring along snow gear as well as comfortable shoes to walk around town.

On this page, you will find additional tips on how to prepare for your visit in March. I've also included some of the best activities this time of year.

Denver Weather in March

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The Denver weather in March averages around the mid-50s during the day. It dips down to just below freezing at night.

It's a fun time to visit as there are fewer travelers around. It's also a fun place to stop for a day or two if you plan to head up to the mountains to go skiing.

If the Denver weather in March calls for snow, you will find that it usually just a few inches and it's still easy to get around. The snow does not accumulate much and it doesn't often get icy.

Average High in March: 56° F/13° C

Average Low in March: 25° F/-4° C

Average Monthly Snow/Rainfall: About 10 to 11 inches of snow total

Record High: 84° F/ 29° C (03/27/1986)

Record Low: -8° F/-22° C (03/02/2002)

How to Pack for the Denver Weather in March

Denver weather in March can be a bit tricky since it is usually in the mid-50s during the day, and then drops to the mid-20s at night. Plan ahead as you'll want to be prepared to layer your clothes so you aren't too hot, or too cold.

I'd suggest a light jacket during the day, light sweater or long sleeved shirt, and a pair of jeans. Maybe change to a heavier jacket at night on those cooler March evenings.

I'd also bring along some flat shoes that are comfortable to wear as you explore. It will make it easier to get around, especially on those days when it is snowy.

5 Fun Things to Do in March

1. Attend the Saint Patrick's Day Parade: Denver loves a party as much as any city I know, and the Saint Patrick's Day parade is one of the best. A massive 200,000 person party begins, starting at Coors Field, at 9:30 am. The parade has marching bands, floats, dancers and more. 

2. Cheer on the Colorado Avalanche & Denver Nuggets: Get out of your seats and cheer on two of Denver's professional sports teams. The Avalanche belong to the National Hockey League and the Nuggets are members of the National Basketball League. Both teams are fun to watch and are worth experiencing at least once or more times during your visit. Find out more about Denver's sports teams.

3. Head to the theater: Want a little time to relax, enjoy the arts, and get comfortable during your trip? Since the Denver weather in March is still a bit chilly outdoors, going indoors and watching a great live show might just be the perfect night event for you. There are traveling Broadway shows, local shows, and even some comedy acts if you need a chuckle or two. Find a schedule of upcoming performances.

4. Enjoy some family friendly activities: If you are traveling with your family, you will find plenty of fun, family activities here. Some of the best include the Downtown Aquarium, Wings over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, and iFly where you, and your family, can pretend to skydive while being safe indoors. Trust me, it is a blast! My list of the top family things to do in Denver.

5. Catch a concert: Everyone knows of the world famous Red Rocks amphitheatre, and the concerts that are performed there. Most people don't know that there are many different concerts venues scattered throughout Denver ranging from massive concert halls down to intimate venues. You will have a lot of choices to see your favorite famous band, or a local band you've never of, when you visit the Mile High City. See March's concert calendar.

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Where to Stay in March

The Denver weather in March is very beautiful, but most people spend most of their time in the mountains this time of year. That means fewer visitors and plenty of place to stay. 

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