Denver Weather in April


Denver weather in April starts to warm up and spring is definitely in the mile high air. The month has a mixture of snowy and rainy days. Outside of that, you will find plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

You can also head up to the mountain as some ski resorts are still open. It's one of your last chances for some fun spring skiing. 

For your stay, plan for gorgeous 60 degree days. Make sure to bring along layers of clothing so you can add and remove as the days warm up and cool down.

Read on for more information on what to expect from the weather, a few tips on what to pack, and some of my favorite activities this month.

Denver Weather in April

Most days start off cool and warm up as the sun begins to shine overhead. It will then continue to warm up until the sun makes its final appearance before dipping down below the Rocky Mountains. 

Once the sun sets, you will find that it cools off really quickly. The weather in April calls for temperatures in the mid-30s most nights. 

You will also find that we get a mixture of rain and snow. It typically snows around 6 to 7 inches. This will melt off quickly once the sun comes out. In addition to snow, we do get a couple of inches of rain in April.

Here are more details on the Denver weather in April averages.

Average High in April:62° F/17° C

Average Low in April: 33° F/0° C

Average Monthly Snow/Rainfall: 6 to 7 inches of snow with around 2 inches of rain

Record High: 92° F/ 33° C (04/30/1992)

Record Low: 4° F/-15° C (04/12/1997)

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How to Pack for the Denver Weather in April

The Denver weather in April is when spring starts to truly spring to life. The sky is gorgeous with highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s. This means you will need to pack for a wide variance of temperatures. 

The daytime temperatures are perfect for a light jacket, light sweater or maybe even a t-shirt depending on your tolerance for some chilly breezes. I often layer these with either a thin short or long sleeved shirt. This will allow you to add and remove items as the day warms up.

At night, I recommend adding a few warmer layers. Bring along a medium weight jacket or sweater for the evenings (or something a bit warmer if you plan to spend some time outdoors at night). I also wear jeans or medium weight pants at night. I always wear boots or close toes shoes in the evenings to stay warm.

In addition, make sure to also bring along flat soled shoes so you can walk around comfortably. They are also perfect for those few snowy days we get this month.

While it is casual in most places around Denver, I love to dress up a little for the theater or a show. Make sure to bring along a few dressier pieces if you plan to attend one too. 

5 Fun Things to Do in April

1. Cheer on the Colorado Rockies: PLAY BALL! is heard all through Denver as MLB's Colorado Rockies start their season at the gorgeous Coors Field. There are about 10-15 games during the month of April and it is a fun atmosphere since the high elevation makes the balls travel further when a home run it hit.

Also, make sure to notice the purple row of seats in the stadium. They are set exactly one mile high so grab a seat and take a picture to show your friends.

>> Details on this year's Colorado Rockies baseball season

2. Catch an independent film: No matter what the Denver weather in April has in store, don't miss the Xicanindie Film Festival. It's one of the largest film festivals in Denver. It focuses on the Latin culture, its people, and the world around them.

It typically lasts for four days and runs in early April.

3. Stretch your budget with our free attractions: If you want to save a few pennies, and still have an enjoyable visit to Denver, then this is the list for you. You have many options to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include the Denver Mint, Dinosaur Ridge, and if you want to try something a little different, the Riverside Cemetery.

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4. Laugh the night away at a comedy show: If you have a funny bone and want to laugh your way through the month of April, you are in the right place. Denver has many venues where you can catch some of the most famous comedians as they travel from city to city.

You may also catch some of the upcoming, or local, comedians in the smaller venues that allow for a more intimate setting.

>> See the calendar of upcoming comedy shows all around town

5. Enjoy a performance on stage: If theater is your thing, welcome to little Broadway. Denver is known for having great traveling Broadway shows that come through on a regular basis. It is also known for avant garde, and original, stage shows. These shows employ local talent and are in the smaller venues which offer a more intimate experience.

So, whether you enjoy large, well known productions or something very few people have seen, you will find something you enjoy on stage here.

>> Calendar of top upcoming theater performances

Tips on Where to Stay

You will find a variety of fun places to stay all around Denver. With the gorgeous Denver weather in April, you will start to find a few more visitors, but there are still plenty of places to rest your head. 

Click the links below for some of my top recommendations.

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