Denver Weather in June


The Denver weather in June is just about perfect. It is nice and warm in the daytime and just as nice at night. 

The days warm up into the 80s with the lows around the 50s. We also get very little rain in June, so there is no reason to bring along any rain gear. 

If you are planning on visiting the Mile High City during the month of June, you are in for a treat. You will enjoy the weather as well as the incredible amount of events that happen during this month. 

Read on for more tips on preparing for your visit in June as well as details on some of the best things to do this month.

Denver Weather in June

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The summer days in Denver are here and it's a fun time to visit. During the first part of the month, you will find highs in the upper 70s. The temperatures warm up even more toward the end of the month with highs in the 80s. This gives us an average of around 81 degrees.

Each night as the sun goes down, you will feel the cool air take over. The Denver weather in June at night hovers around 50. It's the perfect weather for a light jacket or sweater.

In addition, we get very little rainfall this time of year. You will see storms roll in over the mountains most days with a small amount of rain in the late afternoon. In total, we only get about an inch or two, so the storms never last too long.

Here are more details for the Denver weather in June.

Average High in June: 81° F/27° C

Average Low in June: 50° F/10° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: 1-2 inches

Record High: 103° F/ 39° C (06/29/1990)

Record Low: 33° F/1° C (06/06/1998)

How to Pack for the Denver Weather in June

The Denver weather in June is quite enjoyable since the highs average in the mid 70s to the mid 80s. The lows are also nice since they average in the mid 40s up to the mid 50s. A perfect temperature for pretty much anything you want to do in the Mile High City.

Since most days are nice and warm, you probably only need a light windbreaker or jacket. You may want to also bring along a long sleeved shirt or two as well as short sleeved shirts. Shorts, skirts and sundresses are perfect for the day. 

During the nights, it is a bit colder but all you really need is to add a light coat or jacket. 

Sandals and other open toes shoes are just right for most of the days and nights here. Make sure to bring along comfortable shoes too as you will most likely walk quite a bit during your stay.

5 Fun Things to Do in June

1. See an outdoor concert: If you are going to Denver during June, you have to see an outdoor concert. Denver is famous for the naturally built Red Rocks Amphitheater but there are many more venues such as the Fiddler's Green or the Botanic Gardens. There are also free jazz concerts each weekend in the summer at City Park. Find a full summer concert calendar here.

2. Catch a Rockies game: The MLB season is a perfect place to enjoy the Denver weather in June. You'll get a great view of the Rocky Mountains and be able to sip your favorite beverage, eat some great food, and enjoy a baseball game all at the same time! The Rockies have between 10-15 home games a year, so you'll have a choice of games during your visit. Find a full schedule here.

3. Go ziplining: Want to see the world from more than a mile high? If so, ziplining is the best way to do it in Denver. You'll enjoy some of the longest ziplines in Colorado as you cruise through the mountains and trees below. No experience is necessary and you will have professional guides leading you along each step of the way. More fun things to do in June.

4. Spoil your dad on Father's Day: If you want to show your dad how much you love him, then you will love Father's Day in Denver. Since the Denver weather in June is so nice, you will have an amazing range of entertaining events including, Comic-Con, where people dress up in all kinds of outfits, The Denver Greek Festival, and, if you want to get out of town a bit, take him on Foothills Explorer Tour from Denver. More ideas for Father's Day in Denver.

5. Watch the parade at Denver PrideFest: PrideFest is always a great time you will love checking out all the people enjoying the two day event. There is a parade, starting at 9:30 on Saturday, that begins at Cheesman Park. This annual event brings 350,000 revelers into the Mile High City each year, so plan ahead!

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Best Places to Stay in June

To get in on all of the action, you will want to find a great place for your stay. You can stay downtown for the best outdoor Denver weather in June activities such as Colorado Rockies games and outdoor concerts. You might also enjoy staying in one of our top 3-star hotels which offer the best balance between budget and comfort. 

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