Denver Weather in February


Denver weather in February is cool during the day with temps dipping down below freezing most nights. Even though its cool, you will still find plenty of sunshine several days this month.

The temperatures hover just below 50 most days this month. At night, it will dip down to just below 20.

Read on for more details on the average temps, tips for packing, and some fun things to do this month.

Denver weather in February

The Denver weather in February is cool during the day with below freezing temps at night. Most days warm up to the upper 40s. You will find it cooler in the mornings. It starts to warm up as the sun shines down on Denver. It's the warmest from about noon to the late afternoon.

It then cools down in the evening into the 20s and 30s. It's begins to cool down as the sun sets over the Rocky Mountains. Overnight, it often cools off even more with lows at an average of 18. 

We can get up to around 7 inches of snow this time of year. However, you will find mostly sunny days in between these small snowstorms.

Here are a few more details about the Denver weather in February.

Average High in January: 47° F/8° C

Average Low in January: 18° F/-8° C

Average Monthly Snowfall: 6 to 7 inches

Record High: 77° F/ 25° C (02/21/1982)

Record Low: -23° F/-31° C (02/05/1989)

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What to Pack for the Denver Weather in February

There are several items you will need to pack to prepare for the Denver weather in February. You will need a medium weight jacket during the day and a warmer coat in the evenings.

I also recommend bringing along plenty of medium weight sweaters or medium weight long sleeved shirts. In addition, I recommend either long pants, jeans or skirts.

If you plan to spend quite a bit of time outside, then I also recommend bringing along some gloves, a scarf or two and some warm shoes.

Even though we don't get much snow in February, I do recommend bringing along some flat shoes so you can walk around easier if it does happen to snow while you are here.

5 Fun Things to Do in Denver in February

1. Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets: If you are visiting in February, and love sports, then Denver is the city for you. The NHL's Colorado Avalanche has a number of home games during February as does the NBA's Denver Nuggets. Both are great teams and definitely a must see if you are a sport's fan. Find out more about catching a game in February.

2. Denver Restaurant Week: If you want the best food experience in Denver, you are in luck as Denver Restaurant week is in February. You get to choose from hundreds of restaurants featuring delicious multi-course dinners for only thirty dollars a person.

3. Valentine's Day in Denver: Everyone knows that Valentine's Day is on February 14th, so make sure to plan ahead and surprise your sweetie with something special during your vacation. There is ice skating, theater shows, comedy shows, the ballet, and many other events to show your honey how much you love him or her. More about what to do this Valentine's Day.

4. Free Museum Days: The Denver weather in February can be chilly, so maybe you want to stay inside and check out some of the free museum days. These free days have so many choices that everyone will be happy. Some of these include the Children's Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and the Clyfford Still museum. Make sure to plan ahead so you can see as many as you want. Find a full schedule here.

5. Denver Theater: Denver has some amazing theater shows that span the spectrum from the small theaters, with local actors, all the way up to the biggest venues, with the largest traveling Broadway shows. There are many shows to choose from so plan ahead and book your tickets as soon as possible. If you want a laugh or two, Denver also has wonderful comedy venues and some of the most famous comedians tour through the Mile High City. Check out this month's theater calendar.

>> Full calendar of events in Denver this month

>> February concert calendar in Denver

Great Places to Stay in Denver

The Denver weather in February is cool, but it's such a fun time to visit. Many people stop over for a night or two as they make their way up to the Rocky Mountains for some skiing. 

If you do plan to stay, here are a few recommendations for your visit.

Denver Hotels: If you are just staying for the night as you are heading up to or back from the mountains, then you might enjoy staying near the airport. There are several great options. Here are some of my favorites.

Downtown Denver Hotels: My personal favorite is staying downtown. This is where you will find some great restaurants, shops, and nightlife options. Here are my top picks for downtown Denver.

Cheap Hotels: Warm up on those cool winter nights at one of these inexpensive options. They are light on amenities, but offer a cozy night's sleep. Here are some top picks.

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