Clyfford Still Museum in Denver


The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver offers you an unparalleled chance to observe the works of this famous Abstract Expressionist artist. It includes his early works, which focused on the struggles of working class people in the 1930s, up to his more famous abstract pieces that he created until his death in 1980.

Read on for more about this artist and tips to visit this museum.

Clyfford Still Museum in Denver

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Why is the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver?

As a part of his will, Still requested that the pieces in his personal collection be gifted to a city that would create a museum dedicated solely for his art. Denver was selected in 2004 from a list of 20 total cities.

In 2005, they created the Clyfford Still Museum Organization. The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver opened in 2011.

First Floor

The first floor of the museum offers you a look inside Still's personal life. These items were acquired by the museum after his wife's death in 2005. 

You will see displays that show you more about his life and painting techniques. This includes pieces that show how he lived his life beyond just his work. In addition, the museum links other important events in history to the timeline of Still's life. It's interesting to see what was happening in the world at the same time Still was creating his work and influencing the artist community.

The first floor features interactive videos and personal items. The items and information span his life from 1904 - 1980. 

As you venture through the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, make sure not to miss this area as you could easily walk right past it.

Second Floor

After spending time on the first floor and learning about Still's life, you will continue up to the second floor. The first pieces you see are from the 1930s. These are some of his earliest pieces and are very different from his famous abstract art pieces.

The next room shows you his first attempts to move toward abstract art. They feature pieces with longer faces of the overworked people during the 1930s. Most of the pieces feature workers from Washington State.

Once you reach the second floor's fourth gallery, you will see his first true abstract painting. He created this piece in 1942.

The exhibit continues with pieces of his artwork from the 1950s (when he officially withdrew from the art scene) all the way up to his death in the 1980s.

The tour of his works finishes with a video about him and his work that you can watch in the Boettcher Foundation Gallery.

My Favorite Gallery

My favorite gallery upstairs is the one that examines his contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area art scene. In addition to the pieces he created during this time, you will learn more about his impact on newer abstraction artists during his time as a teacher at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute).

Visiting Hours & Admission

The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver is open Tuesday through Sunday. They are typically open from 10am to 5pm. They often stay open on Fridays until 8pm.

Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, and kids under 18 get in free. They also offer several free admission days a year. Click here for this year's schedule of free days.

Mile High Pass

The Clyfford Still Museum in Denver is also one of the museums included with the Mile High Pass. This discount pass offers you the chance to pay one fee for admission to many of Denver's top museums.

Other Visiting Tips

While I would love to show you his gorgeous works, I'm not allowed to post them on my site. The good news is you will be surprised by their beauty when you see them in person. You are allowed to take non-commercial photos during your visit as long as you leave the flash off.

Also, if you are an artist, you are allowed to sketch during your visit, but only with a pencil.

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