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Denver Outlaws

The Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team is a professional sports team that is part of Major League Lacrosse (MLL). The team plays several outdoor games between May and July every year. 

All home games are at Sport Authority Field at Mile High. 

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2020 Home Schedule

Mile High Stadium

Mile High Stadium is where the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team plays during their season. You might recognize the name of this stadium because it is also where the Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos play during the NFL season.

As you can guess from the name, the Mile High Stadium is situated at exactly one mile above sea level. It was opened in 2001 so it still feels as it has never seen a day in its short life and it is full of comfort, food, and other wonderful conveniences for every age of visitor.

This new facility is also famous for its stunning design and elegance. It is made of a combination of steel, glass and aluminum and it shines brightly when the lights are lit for a game. It also fits right in with the Denver skyline and the Rockies' loom over it. 

Being that is a newer facility, it is stocked with all the amenities any sports fan could ever want and desire. This includes unobstructed views for all the 76,125 seats in the stadium. On top of these, there are 8,200 Club Seats and 144 Luxury Seats. Believe me, you won't miss a play from no matter where you are in this magnificent stadium.

Best Hotels Nearby

Tips to Get to the Stadium


FYI: Parking on neighborhood streets around the stadium is illegal. Violators will be ticketed and towed.

Now that we've gotten that warning out of the way, we will try to make your visit to Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium a much more enjoyable experience as you watch your Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team play and win.

I've listed the easiest routes but using a map just makes it so much easier and less stressful.

If you are coming from I-25 Northbound, then you'll want to exit at 17th Avenue. 

If you are coming from I-25 Southbound, you will exit at Colfax Avenue. At this point you will then exit at Federal Boulevard and go north. Last, turn right at the first light which is Dick Connor Avenue.

And finally, if you are coming from the Denver Airport, as many fans do fly in to see games, you will want to take I-70 West to I-25 Southbound. As written above, exit at Colfax Ave, then exit at Federal Boulevard heading north. When you see the first light ahead take a right turn onto Dick Connor Avenue. As you can see, other than getting to I-25 Southbound, it is exactly the same as if you were coming from I-25 Southbound.

If you are driving, here are the best suggestions for parking in the downtown Denver area adjacent to the I-25 corridor. There are 6,500 on-site parking spaces and about 12,000 off site parking spaces in all within a short walking distance to the stadium.

Public Transit

Public Transit is a fantastic option if you want to see The Denver Outlaws lacrosse team live in action.


If you decide to skip the hassle of driving, parking (and paying for a parking spot) the next best mode of transportation is the Light Rail system. This is a favorite of many fans because it is easy, cheap and is a fun way to see the city as you cruise through the city of Denver.

There are three main lines, the C, E, or W. Even thought the station is called the Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High, the light rail will actually drop you off at a station that is about an 8 minute walk to the stadium.

As you can see in the picture below, you have to walk under I-25 to get to the actual stadium. It is an easy walk and you'll be to the Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High before you know it and hanging out watching your Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team scoring goals in just a few minutes time.

You may not be on the C, E, or W lines but don't worry. If you can take the D or H lines, you can then hop off and transfer to a C or E lines at I-25 & Broadway, Alameda or 10th and Osage. Lots of options to make your trip more enjoyable and allow you to meet other Denver Outlaw Lacrosse fans as you cruise around the city getting ready to cheer them on to victory.

If you are coming from the West Corridor line, you can disembark at the Decateur-Federal Station. It is also about an 8 minute walk to the stadium where the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team plays their games. 

*Both images above are courtesy of the official Sports Authority Field at Mile High website (


Another fun option, should you choose it, is B-Cycle. This is a Denver city sponsored bike program all over the city. You can rent a bike and then you can use it for 30 minutes as you ride to your destination. The nice part of this is that you get to cruise through the city, enjoy the scenery and then just park the bike in the designated stand.

If you go over 30 minutes, there will be an extra charge so make sure to look and see the prices as they may change. There are 700 B-Cycles and 87 stations so you will be sure to get one close to you and drop one off easily at the station. What better way to get psyched up to watch your Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team!

Last but not least, there is a bike valet system at Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High in case you are in a hurry. There isn't any charge to use the valet and it can give you peace of mind that your bike is safe and you can get into the game on time.

Taxi, Uber or Lyft

If you'd rather just pass on all the jumping on and off public transit, dealing with traffic and then paying to park your car, then you can always go the way of a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. These are easily available as they either have phone numbers or specific apps to get your driver to take you to your location and drop you off.

They are safe, quick and you might get some inside information about the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team if your driver is a fan. Sometimes, Uber or Lyft is cheaper than a taxi, and often times, more clean as it is someone's personal car and they want it to look the best!

My Favorite Places to Eat & Drink Nearby

These are just a few of my favorite places to eat and drink either before or after the games at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

  • Strange Craft Brewing Company: This is a very cool, original and a bit eccentric, in the best way, brewpub. The beers are great, the food is fresh and delicious and the staff is always happy to serve your needs. They have flights so you can taste a lot of beers without drinking too many and free wi-fi. 1330 Zuni Street, Unit D
  • Chili Verde: Chili Verde always has wonderful and tasty Mexican cuisine. You may think this is just another taco place but it so much more. As they write, their food is simple but delicious. I would agree. 2311 Federal Way
  • Sarto's: Sarto's is a social Italian Eatery. That right there should tell you what they serve. If it doesn't, here's a sample: Antipasti, many different types of paninis, and Fritto, which is friend calamari with all the dressings. 2900 W. 25th Avenue
  • Tacos El Paisa: This is the other place I recommend for authentic Mexico food. We are talking about huevos rancheros (sure to fill up you before you go the game), the Wet Macho burrito, and make sure to try the churros for dessert! 1920 Federal Way

Brief Outlaws History

The Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team has a been a champion from the first day they started playing. The set a Major League Lacrosse record with an attendance record of 13,167 on their very first day!

The next record they set was being the first expansion team to win the Western Conference Championship and sent at total of 5 players to the Major League Lacrosse All-Star game! How about that for a first year team? That is just truly amazing a point of real pride for the organization and its fans and teammates.

They continue to build on their success as they've now gone to the playoffs 9 our 10 possible times. Simply a record of success and winning throughout their sport.

As if that isn't enough, the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse team became the only team in league history to go undefeated in the regular season with a perfect record of 13-0.

Continuing to build on what they wanted to achieve, they finally broke through in 2014 and won it all as they defeated the Rochester Rattlers by a tight score of 12-11. Nail biting game but ultimately a great victory!

In a return to the 1st year magic, they set another record when they pulled in 31,644 fans for one of their matches. That is half of Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High for a lacrosse game!

If you are a fan, you'll recognize some of the best lacrosse players in the country. These include John Grant, Jr., Lee Zink, Jeremy Sieverts and Jesse Schwartzman.

If you don't recognize them, get yourself to a game and start learning their names and be amazed at their skill and speed. You'll be glad you did!

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