Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Everything You Need to Visit

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame is a fun, free museum inside Mile High Stadium in Denver. It features exhibits all about our local sports teams and some of the best to play here.

It opened in August 2001 and continues to showcase the wide range of sports accomplishments throughout the state of Colorado.

About the Museum

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The idea of starting a Colorado Sports Hall of Fame was first established in 1964 to honor the great players who came from this state or played here. The Hall of Fame Museum is now situated on the west side of Empower Field at Mile High so people can see all the amazing awards and memorabilia.

We love that it is open all year round and not just when teams are playing games there. Admission is always free.

Empower Field at Mile High Stadium is located at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle, Suite 500

Hours: The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum is open from 9:30 a.m. and to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It's closed on Sundays.

Some of the Top Exhibits

Sportswomen exhibit in the museum in Denver

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum has several exhibits. Here are some of the best.

Salute to the Inductees: This section tells you more about those that have been inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Learn more about their careers in Colorado as well as pictures of their awards and victories.

Great Memories in Colorado Sports: This is a great section for those that love Colorado Sports history. It offers a timeline for some of the most memorable moments. You will also find pictures and reproductions of the front page of local newspapers.

Sportswomen in Colorado: This section is all about the achievements of both girls and women in Colorado sports history.

The Denver Broncos Franchise: All of you Bronco fans will love this section. You'll see jerseys, photographs, and other Broncos memorabilia.

Kid's Zone: This is a cool spot for kids. It's a hands-on area where they can try on jerseys and equipment from the different professional sports teams in Denver.

Where to Park

Special Olympics Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum is at Gate 1 inside Mile High Stadium. You will find free parking in Lot C, which is right outside the doors on the western end of the stadium. You will find a flight of stairs that will lead you up to the museum.

If you are not able to climb the stairs, it's best to be dropped off near Gate 10. This is also right next to Lot C but allows you to enter the area from  a slope instead of having to climb the stairs.

Since the museum is mostly open on non-game days, you will find plenty of space to park in this lot.

Getting Here on Public Transit

Empower Field at Mile High Stadium: This stop services the C, E, and W lines. It's a great option when coming west from Union Station or from the south. All three lines stop here. Once you exit at this station, follow the signs that say "Sports Walk" and this will take you over to the stadium. When you get there, head to Gate 1 which is on the south western side. This walk takes about 10 minutes.

Decatur-Federal Station: This is another station for the W line. It's best to use this when coming to the stadium from the east. It's also about a 10-minute walk to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum from this stop. You can then take Morrison Road/Mile High Stadium Way Circle under Colfax Avenue and then walk through the parking lot to Gate 1. This is also about a 10-minute walk.

Behind the Scenes Mile High Stadium Tours

Did you know that you can also head behind the scenes at Mile High Stadium?

These tours give you a look inside the areas that the public does not usually see. They include a peek inside the stadium's operations. You'll learn about the history of the stadium, some history on the Broncos, and more.

The tour includes stops inside the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum. You will also see inside the Executive Suites, United Club Level, both the visiting and home team locker rooms, the Keg Room, and so much more. You also get to see inside the Press Room where the coaches and players meet with the press after each game. 

It's the perfect tour for those that love sports and those that want to see what it's like behind the scenes in the sports world.

Museum History

Denver Broncos exhibit at this Denver Museum

For years, there was no permanent location for all of the Colorado Sports memorabilia collected by the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. It wasn't until 1998 when they started to discuss a museum to house and showcase all of their pieces.

This was when the Metropolitan Football Stadium District approached the board members about including a museum for them in the new Broncos stadium. 

Once the voters approved a measure to build the stadium, board of directors start to work on their dream of a permanent museum.

They decided to work with local higher learning institutions to turn their dream into a reality. They needed both a business plan and a design concept, so they turned both into graduate student led projects.

The University of Denver was selected to lead the writing of the business plan. Graduate students at the University of Colorado at Denver worked on the architecture and secured construction permits. Students at the University of Colorado at Denver also built the plan for the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum's initial exhibits. I don't remember ever having such a cool project to work on in school! What a treat for these students!

After they were able to secure additional funding through donations, they officially opened in August of 2001. 

Final Thoughts About the Colorado
Sports Hall of Fame Museum

If you get the chance to check out the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum, I highly recommend the visit. It only takes about an hour to walk through it and they have a lot of really cool exhibits and memorabilia. Again, it's free and is a short stop, but perfect for sports lovers of all kinds.

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