What Are Some Cool Places to Take a Date in Denver CO?

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You may be wondering: What are some cool places to take a special someone on a date in Denver CO? Listed below are some of my top recommendations. Elitch Gardens, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Eden Spa, Upstairs Circus, and more. If you have a date in Denver, CO, consider one of these dates and make the most of your time together! You’ll have a fun time exploring Denver and meeting new people!

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Cherry Creek Shopping Center

When planning a date in Denver CO, there are a few options to choose from. If you’re looking for a place that’s both romantic and unique, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a great place to start. This shopping center, also known as Cherry Creek Center, is located three and a half miles southeast of downtown Denver, along East First Avenue on the banks of Cherry Creek.

If you’re looking for a date in Denver that’s full of fashion, you should head to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. With 160 stores, this upscale mall offers something for everyone. It’s home to numerous first-rate luxury shops and restaurants. And what about the weather? It’s a fantastic place to plan a date in Denver CO!

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, try out a movie at the Landmark’s Esquire Theater. You can see a movie together and enjoy the scenery while you’re at it. Another romantic activity to do with your date is to take a photo with a backdrop of the majestic mountains. A date in Denver CO is not complete without the right kind of fun!

Elitch Gardens

The Elitch Gardens are a classic amusement park, featuring the famous «Mister Twister» roller coaster. Elitch Gardens is Colorado’s largest amusement park and features over 30 rides and a water park. The «monster coaster» Mind Eraser reaches speeds of up to 50 mph. The park is also home to several art-deco movie theaters, including the famed Tattered Cover.

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For an unforgettable date, consider visiting one of Denver’s amusement parks. Elitch Gardens is Colorado’s coaster capital, offering an array of rides for all ages. The park is a combination of a theme park and a water park, with attractions for everyone, including couples and families. And with free admission for those with a GetOutPass, you can take a date to this family-friendly theme park and enjoy a day of fun!

If you’d rather be alone on your date, you can try cooking classes at Cook Street. The chef at the restaurant is famous for the quality of her delicious food, and she’ll surely enjoy your evening together. A fun-filled day can also be had at Elitch Gardens Theme and Family Water Park, where you can enjoy roller coasters, a ferris wheel, and other attractions. Regardless of the age of your date, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Upstairs Circus

The Upstairs Circus is not an actual circus, but it is a fun craft cocktail bar and date night spot in Denver CO. You can make your own jewelry or create an intricate leather work piece while enjoying a cocktail. If you don’t feel like spending money on dinner and drinks, try the DIY craft projects. If you and your date are into DIY projects, Upstairs Circus offers DIY workshops that you can both participate in. If you’re feeling creative, you can sign up for a workshop in one of the two Denver locations. Be warned: these workshops fill up fast, so book ahead to be sure to have time to participate.

Besides beer and wine, Upstairs Circus also has art projects that you and your date can enjoy. The venue is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood, and there’s often live music in the taproom. The area around Upstairs Circus has two large craft breweries. The brewpub’s larger sister location, 10 Barrel, is nearby. Guests can enjoy a craft beer and a DIY project in the bar.

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Eden Spa

If you’re looking for a place to treat your special someone to a date that will last a lifetime, Eden Spa is the place to go. This beautiful Denver CO spa has been serving the community for over 20 years. Services at the Eden Spa range from couples massages to facials to body treatments. Couples can enjoy a day at the spa, which is surrounded by a healing atmosphere. Nearby attractions include the Colorado History Museum and the Denver Art Museum. It is also conveniently located near Cherry Creek and is convenient to the Denver Metro area.

A relaxing massage is a great way to end a night of shopping or sightseeing. Couples can also enjoy a romantic walk at the nearby Sloan’s Lake Park, a large lake that is the perfect place to get away from it all. A romantic date at this park can end with a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. If your date is a fan of modern art, they can also visit the Denver Art Museum to view the impressive collection of paintings.

Lakeside Amusement Park

If you’re looking for a great date spot in Denver CO, try Lakeside Amusement Park. This family-owned amusement park is in Lakeside, Colorado. Originally named the White City, the amusement park opened in 1908 next to Lake Rhoda. At the time, the park was operated as a trolley park, but it was later sold to a Denver brewer, Adolph Zang.

The park opened in 1908 as the White City and evolved over time to include several unique attractions. The cyclone, which has been running since May 17, 1940, is one of the park’s main attractions. The park has also gone through several makeovers, including a Modern and Art Deco design. Its history and location are interesting to note, as it’s only changed hands twice in the past 114 years.

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There are dozens of fun things to do in Denver, including hiking trails, museums, and lakes. Lakeside Amusement Park offers affordable family fun for a small price. Admission is usually only $4 per person during open season, and ride coupons are only 50 cents each. Some attractions are seasonal, so it’s best to call ahead before going. And don’t forget to bring your camera! There are plenty of photo opportunities for you to keep a lasting memory of your date in Denver CO!

Larimer Lounge

If you want to impress your significant other on your next date, Larimer Lounge in Denver CO is the perfect spot. This hip bar specializes in cocktails, and the view of the city is spectacular. The interior features a large fireplace, and there’s a pool area and an outdoor fireplace. The Denver area is also home to several museums and galleries. You can see artwork from a variety of cultures, and enjoy a cocktail tour while enjoying your date’s company.

If your date likes music, try out Larimer Lounge. The Denver music scene is always buzzing, and you can watch live music here on Fridays. It’s a cool dive in the heart of downtown Denver, and you’ll get to hear great local bands play. The drinks are reasonably priced, and you can even get a free box office ticket to a show. A great date night can include live music at this Denver hotspot. Acoustic cover bands Sputnik Slovenia perform in the evenings. The Draft & Beam shot special is only $5.

Escape Works Denver

If you’re looking for a new way to impress your date, consider trying out EscapeWorks Denver. A group activity where you must solve puzzles in a themed room, EscapeWorks Denver is a unique date spot in the Denver metro area. With rooms that can hold eight people, the experience is a great way to get to know your date better. And it’s fun for the whole family, too!

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If your date is an art lover, EscapeWorks Denver might be the perfect date spot. This Instagram-themed museum, located on the 16th Street Mall, is rated 4.5 stars by Yelp users. You and your date will have fun solving puzzles and figuring out clues before the time runs out. The best part? You can spend a couple of hours with your date, so you can spend some quality time together.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or a fun date activity, Denver has it all. The city is a great place to explore new sights with your date. Escape Works Denver is one of the hippest places to take a date in the city. And there are plenty of other activities to keep the two of you busy. The downtown skyline, beautiful mountains, and local breweries make this a great place for a date.

Sweet Action

Sweet Action is a Denver institution. The ice cream shop has been around since 2009, but it is only recently started offering local brews as their bases. Each day, you can sample a new flavor that you can pair with an ice cream bar treat. The shop has been working with local microbreweries to expand its menu, so you can always try a new one.

Whether you want to enjoy some craft beer at a local brewery, or plan a culinary expedition together, there are many options for romantic dates in Denver. There are plenty of options for both breweries and bars, but if you’re looking for a more unusual experience, try a roller disco, a candle making class, or a factory tour. Whatever your date’s favorite activity, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

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Another option for dessert is a visit to the Retrograde speakeasy, located behind Sweet Action. Formerly called Frozen Manner, this speakeasy is accessed through the freezer door in the back of the ice cream parlor. You can get a sneak peek of the bar’s secret menu when you visit. If you’re into alien-themed cocktails, then Retrograde may be the perfect place for you.

To answer the question, «where is the safest and most affordable place in Denver?» it would be best to consider the following neighborhoods: Commerce City, Lamar, Infinity Flats, and Northglenn. These areas have many different types of establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, health and fitness centers, and even gorgeous parks. However, you should also consider the cost of living, especially if you’re not sure whether it’s a good idea to spend a lot of money on rent.

Indian Creek

Although not the most fashionable neighborhood in Denver, Indian Creek has many benefits. Its population is diverse, which makes it a safe place to live. Its median real estate price is $369,103, lower than 73.0% of other neighborhoods in Colorado and 37.9% of the country. The average rent is $2,416 a month, higher than 62.1% of all Denver neighborhoods.

Residents of Indian Creek are affluent and middle class. According to a NeighborhoodScout analysis, its residents earn more than 65.7% more than the average U.S. neighborhood. However, 11.0% of its residents are below the federal poverty line, higher than 50.2% of other Denver neighborhoods. This makes Indian Creek different from most neighborhoods. Most neighborhoods in the city were created decades ago. Most of the houses were constructed between 1970 and 1999. Therefore, the Indian Creek neighborhood looks older and more established.

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The Indian Creek neighborhood offers the best of both worlds. It has a quaint neighborhood vibe similar to Wellshire, but is much cheaper. The neighborhood has a top elementary school, Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside. If you’re looking for a place to retire, Colorado is a great place to call home. Denver has something for everyone, from families to retirees.

Commerce City

For those seeking the safest and cheapest Denver real estate, look no further than the rapidly growing community of Commerce City. Located just eight miles north of downtown Denver, Commerce City has more than 1,700 thriving businesses. While embracing its industrial past, the city looks to the future by attracting high-tech businesses. The neighborhood boasts 840 acres of open space, a championship golf course, and two commuter rail lines. In addition, residents are able to enjoy access to several recreational parks, including Pioneer Park, Barr Lake State Park, and the South Platte River.

Residents in Commerce City are primarily young adults in their 20s and 30s. The average family size is 3.9 people, including children and parents. The community’s total crime rate is 58% lower than the national average. Residents in Commerce City are actively working to contribute to the community’s identity. The city had a thriving downtown during the 1950s, and residents and businesses see great potential in the neighborhood.

While Denver is an excellent city for business and education, it is also home to a number of recreational activities. With a variety of outdoor activities and a healthy climate, living in Denver is both exciting and affordable. As more people migrate west, prices in downtown areas have risen. However, nearby communities offer cheaper housing. A list of the safest and cheapest neighborhoods in Commerce City, CO can be found by checking AreaVibes’ livability score.

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If you’re looking for a quiet, suburban neighborhood in the heart of Denver, you might want to consider living in Westminster. This Denver suburb is known for its great schools, fun activities, and sense of community. With a population of nearly 29,000, Westminster is considered one of the safest and most affordable places to live in the city. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home, a condo, or an affordable place to rent or buy, Westminster is a great option.

It is a great place to raise a family. This neighborhood is home to low crime, a thriving restaurant scene, and great shopping options. There are many parks and outdoor activities in Westminster, including the Butterfly Pavilion, Standley Lake Region Park, and Westminster Center Park. The median price for homes in Westminster is about $187,500. One-bedroom apartments in Westminster can go for as little as $700.

The median household income in Westminster is $73,000, and the median house price is $307,600. Residents of Westminster are served by Denver’s RTD bus, which has two stops in the city. Arvada, a suburb of Denver straddling Jefferson and Adams counties, is slightly more populated than Westminster. Unlike Westminster, Arvada enjoys better schools and a stronger job market, but the cost of living is higher. The city has more than 90 parks within a 10-minute walk of every home.


Lamar is a historic city located near the border of New Mexico and Colorado. It is home to a strong community and several parks. In addition to having a train depot from 1907, Lamar is one of the warmest places in Colorado. It is also known for its bird watching opportunities, as it is one of Colorado’s top birding destinations. In addition, residents of Lamar can also enjoy several golf courses and the John Martin Reservoir State Park.

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The population of Lamar is 7,598 and is located in Prowers County. This quiet town has a suburban feel with many homeowners owning their homes. Although the community is conservative, the public schools in Lamar are above average. It is a great place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors. This area has a very low crime rate and the median home value is $103,000, which makes it a great place to settle down.

While Denver is a growing city, it still offers many great reasons to move to the area. It offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities and an excellent business environment. The cost of living downtown has gone up as more people move west, but there are affordable neighborhoods nearby. Consider Lamar as the safest and most affordable place to live in Denver. It is also home to some of the most beautiful parks in the state.

Capitol Hill

If you’re looking for the safest and most affordable neighborhood in Denver, look no further than Capitol Hill. This historic neighborhood boasts a variety of historical buildings, including one that’s 24k gold-plated. You’ll find a number of hospitals along its northern edge, as well as about two dozen churches. While some of these have been converted to other uses, most still operate as they were intended to. Many churches in the area serve the urban poor.

Capitol Hill is home to Colorado’s State Capital. This building has served as a hub for the state’s government for over 150 years. Today, it’s a vibrant, creative neighborhood with museums, art galleries, and breweries. It also has a wide range of indie shops and live music venues. You can find affordable apartments in Capitol Hill by searching for homes for rent in the neighborhood.

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The median rent in Capitol Hill is $1,600 per month. This is about average for Denver and is adjacent to the Colorado Capitol Building. Apartments here are generally safe, with a low crime rate. Homeowners in the neighborhood may also opt for studio apartments at prices from $1300 to $2,200. If you’re looking for a larger place to live, you can choose an upper-end apartment or a two-bedroom home.

Washington Virginia Vale

When you’re looking for a new home in Denver, Washington Virginia Vale may be the right choice. Its historic homes and low prices make it a desirable choice for anyone looking to buy a new home. Residents enjoy easy access to downtown Denver via the Cherry Creek Trail and more than 30 RTD bus stops. Washington Virginia Vale offers a variety of homes, including a mix of single-family homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. Homes in this neighborhood start at just $630,000 and typically sell within a few days. These homes are largely popular with first-time buyers and young families looking to invest in their future.

The cost of living in Washington Virginia Vale is lower than the city average. Rent is $1,303 per month for a studio apartment and $2,504 for a three-bedroom home. Nearby Cherry Creek and downtown Denver, Washington Virginia Vale offers easy access to the city’s many restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Gas prices are low, too, and remain roughly equal throughout the metro area.

Cherry Creek

Living in Cherry Creek, Denver, is a great way to live in the heart of the city. The neighborhood is bordered by Cherry Creek, Colorado Boulevard, East Sixth Avenue, and University Boulevard. Many of its neighborhoods have names that include the creek itself. If you want to spend a little bit more, you can check out some of the nearby high-end shopping centers. The area is also home to some of Denver’s best public schools.

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The neighborhood is also very safe. Crime rates in Cherry Creek are low. The violent crime index in the neighborhood is just 11.4, which is lower than the state average. Property crime is at an average of 30.7, so residents don’t have to worry about their property being broken into. Cherry Creek is a great place for families and those who don’t want to spend too much money.

The cost of living in Cherry Creek is higher than the rest of Colorado, but it’s lower than the U.S. average. It’s also a great place to raise a family with children because Cherry Creek is a great suburb for children. The Summit Middle School and D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School are both top-rated schools in the neighborhood. The Peak to Peak Charter School is a great school for children.

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