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You’ve heard the term «Denver neighborhood» a lot lately, and you’ve probably wondered, what is it? Denver CO has many neighborhoods, but there’s one that stands out as bad. Known as Baker, this neighborhood is located east of downtown and has a high crime rate. Its most common crimes are theft and vandalism, with a total of 25 reported incidents. However, you can be safe on bus transits in this neighborhood, and there haven’t been any reports of muggers or pickpockets, which means that the area is safe to explore by night. Unless you’re travelling alone, you can opt for a hotel in this area if you’re concerned about safety.

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If you’re looking for a hipper, more eclectic area of Denver, look no further than the Baker neighborhood. This neighborhood is known for Broadway, a popular boulevard lined with vintage fashion boutiques, Asian restaurants, casual brewpubs, and late-night hangouts with live music. You can also catch independent films at the Mayan Theatre, which has been around since the 1930s. You can also stroll along the river trail or enjoy a picnic at Phil Milstein Park.

The Baker neighborhood is located approximately 10 minutes from downtown Denver. It is located near the Colorado Convention Center and 16th Street Mall. Baker was designated a historic district in 2000, and was originally homesteaded in 1859. It was annexed to the city of Denver in 1883. The neighborhood features hundreds of brick houses dating from the nineteenth century. The neighborhood has an interesting mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

The Baker area is home to several parks. There are also two industrial parks located in the neighborhood, as well as a commercial park along Broadway. The Baker neighborhood is served by several bus lines, as well as two light rail stations. However, the most popular park in the neighborhood is Phil Milstein Park, which occupies nearly half of its area. Despite its size, the neighborhood has a great mix of residential and commercial properties.

The Baker neighborhood is a popular place to live for millennials and singles. It is also rapidly becoming a popular neighborhood for young professionals, as its neighborhoods are being dubbed hotspots for culture and food. The city’s economy and walkability are just two of its many benefits. If you’re looking for a place to call home, Denver is a great place to call home. You’ll be pleased you did!

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East Colfax

There are pros and cons of living in the East Colfax, good and bad neighborhoods of the city. The community is diverse, economically growing, and culturally rich. On the downside, residents face displacement and rising property values. Displacement pressures are likely to continue as the city continues to build and redevelop its neighborhoods. Those living in the neighborhood need to find affordable housing options. And they need to be ready to deal with the displacement pressures if the neighborhood is to continue to thrive.

The good news is that the East Colfax neighborhood is safe overall. Residents can walk home safely from work or play, as long as they stay away from the area’s drug-dealing and violent crime scenes. In fact, East Colfax is home to one of the city’s unique parks: Cheesman Park. Drug crime in the neighborhood is relatively low. According to the Denver Crime Map, the neighborhood’s crime density is only 1,909 crimes per square mile.

Uptown is the neighborhood that begins at East Colfax and extends north to 20th Avenue. Historically known as North Capitol Hill, Uptown shares many attractions with Capitol Hill. The area is home to many giant apartment complexes. On the north side of West Colfax, you’ll find Auraria Campus. East Colfax is also home to a vibrant arts scene, including galleries, theaters, and museums.

The crime rate in the East Colfax, good and bad neighborhoods of the city is slightly higher than the national average. But the police presence is still active. Even if you walk, bike, or bus at night, you may not feel safe. Women and travel visitors should always stick to groups. They are also safer in the neighborhood if they use public transportation. The crime rate is less in the evenings and during bus transit.

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If you’re considering moving to the Mile High City, you might want to consider staying in the Denver neighborhood of Montbello. While Montbello is considered to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in the United States, the crime rate is significantly higher than Denver’s average. In fact, the neighborhood has more crimes per capita than 100 percent of all neighborhoods in the country. While the overall crime rate is still low, the number of incidents of theft and assault is far lower than that of other neighborhoods in the United States. This is especially dangerous for women and travelers who are not used to living in such an area.

This part of Denver has a low crime rate, but it is not entirely safe. Crimes in this part of town include property crime, theft, and vandalism. While the rate of crime is not as high as in other parts of Denver, it is important to avoid wandering around with cash and jewelry, especially during the night. While this neighborhood is generally considered to be safe for female travelers, it is best to visit only during daylight hours.

In addition to being considered one of the poorest neighborhoods in Denver, Montbello is home to a large population of families, including many children. Property crimes outnumbered violent crimes in Montbello, which is one of the good and bad neighborhoods in the Mile High City. Crimes in Montbello have increased in the last decade as the surrounding neighborhoods have become more gentrified. Aside from that, Montbello also has a high rate of pickpocketing, which is one of the reasons it’s not recommended for anyone.


LoDo is a hip and trendy neighborhood in Denver. Located just north of downtown, it is a favorite destination for nightlife and sports fans alike. You can experience the thrill of baseball at Coors Field or watch the Colorado Rockies at Confluence Park. There are many walking and biking trails and amenities onsite. It is also a short walk from the downtown Denver CBD.

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There are several good and bad things to say about this area of Denver, including a lack of safety. It has a higher crime rate than the average Denver neighborhood, which is approximately 173% higher. However, this crime rate has decreased since the 1990s. Crime statistics, according to, indicate that the neighborhood’s crime rate is approximately 12000 per 100,000 people. In addition to property crimes, petty crimes are also prevalent in the neighborhood. Women should always attach themselves to a group and avoid walking alone at night.

Public transportation in Denver is relatively inexpensive and extensive. While a car is helpful in the outer districts, it is not needed in downtown Denver. Parking is often an issue. However, Denver International Airport is located 24 miles northeast of downtown. Guests can find hotels just outside the airport on the freeways that circle the city. The Light Rail A Line links downtown with the airport every fifteen to thirty minutes.

Known as the «cool» neighborhood of Denver, Five Points is also home to some of the city’s hippest neighborhoods. The neighborhood once featured a famous jazz scene during the early ’60s and is now a hip place to live. The area is home to Curtis Park, RiNo, and the Ballpark. These neighborhoods are also popular for the nightlife.


Although the Wellshire neighborhood is technically a part of the city, it is not as vibrant as other parts of the city. Despite being close to downtown, the area has a suburban feel, with few entertainment options and little to no restaurants. The average home sale price in Wellshire has jumped by 36 percent since 2005. But there are many good things about living in this Denver neighborhood. Read on to learn about some of its best features.

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The first thing people notice about a neighborhood is its appearance. Does the neighborhood have a distinctive character? Do the buildings date back to a certain era? Are the shop signs in several languages? If the latter is the case, you might want to stay away from Wellshire. Whether you like it or not, it is important to consider your commute time. Getting to and from work in Wellshire can take 15-30 minutes.

If you’re looking for a safe neighborhood, Wellshire should be a good choice. Denver’s crime statistics are much lower than in some other neighborhoods. Denver has fewer violent crimes than other neighborhoods. The DIA, Civic Center, and Hilltop all saw lower rates of crime than Wellshire. Wellshire has a low crime rate, with only eight violent crimes reported in 2018 — compared to more than 20 per month in other neighborhoods in the city.

The Good: Wellshire is cheaper than Greenwood Village, but it might not be the best option for everyone. While it may not be the best place to live, it is a great place to raise a family. The school system in the neighborhood is well-regarded. There are a few upscale restaurants, but burgers and other types of cuisine are scarce in Wellshire. In addition to its good quality, well-kept neighborhoods have a lower crime rate than the surrounding areas.

What is the nightlife like in Denver? There are many choices, from the sophisticated Occidental Bar, which is Denver’s only Champagne bar, to the laid-back American comfort food restaurants. The city’s nightlife is diverse and diversely priced. While Denver may not have the same kind of nightclubs as New York City, Denver offers a vibrant nightlife scene. Here are some of the city’s best options for nightlife.

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Occidental Bar

Occidental Bar is a hip place for drinking and dancing, offering cocktails and food truck grub. The hip atmosphere includes a video arcade and punk-themed decor. You can even play pinball at this funky bar. This place is part of the nightlife in Denver CO, and it’s a favorite among locals. For a night out on the town, this is the perfect place to spend the evening.

The Occidental is part of the Denver nightlife, and it’s a great place to start your night. The bar offers live music on most nights of the week, and the staff is friendly and eager to help you find something to drink. There are hundreds of spirits on tap, and the bar makes its own syrups and bitters to go with the drinks. You can enjoy a bespoke experience and a grittier vibe at Occidental.

The Occidental Bar is part of Denver’s Highlands nightlife. It’s located next door to Williams & Graham, another popular bar in the neighborhood. While the atmosphere here is low-key, it has great punk music and excellent cocktails. The bar also features large TVs where you can watch your favorite sports team. It’s a great place to watch the game, and you’ll have a good time catching up with friends.

The Occidental Bar is a Denver hotspot. The bar was originally opened by Sean Kenyon, famous for his Williams & Graham nightclub in North Jersey. It’s open late every night, and is a hot spot among sports fans. During game time, Occidental is packed with Rangers fans, so it’s a great place to watch your favorite team.

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Another Denver hot spot is Occidental Bar. This speakeasy-style bar is located next door to Kenyon, and boasts an eclectic atmosphere. The atmosphere is laidback, and the staff is friendly. The alcohol selection is eclectic, and the band playing heavy metal is funny. Occidental also hosts a local Yelp community, which means that the Occidental is a good place to check out if you’re looking for some Denver nightlife.

Occidental Bar is Denver’s best nightlife

In the heart of downtown Denver, Occidental Bar is the ultimate hipster hangout. The counterculture of the neighborhood is well-reflected in the bar’s name. Expect craft cocktails and beer on tap, a food truck, and vintage arcade games. Another popular nightclub is Howl at the Moon, which features novelty drinks and dueling pianos. If punk rock is more your speed, try Summit.

Located in the Highlands, Occidental is a neighborhood dive that makes an impact on its locals. The low-key punk vibe here gives the concept of a «dive» a proper definition. It also has excellent cocktails, punk tunes, savvy bartenders, and plenty of televisions. Located near Williams & Graham, Occidental is a great place to watch the game, cheer on the Nuggets, or catch a big sporting event.

Occidental Bar is Denver’s only Champagne bar

Occidental Bar is one of the best bars in the city, serving up more than just bubbles. A portrait of an imperial bulldog adorns the bar’s entrance, and guests can enjoy a variety of interesting drinks, including the My Magical Pony, made with tequila, mango, pineapple, black pepper, and butterfly pea tea. The bartenders are very entertaining, mingling with guests and cracking and stirring drinks as they entertain. They even use fresh herbs and saline solutions to make their drinks look like they’re made from the finest ingredients.

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Occidental Bar is a dive-bar-style cocktail bar located in LoHi, Denver. The grand wooden bar makes for great conversation, with staff asking questions about your favorite drink and your background. The bar’s extensive cocktail menu includes hundreds of spirits and handmade bitters and syrups. Patrons can expect a more bespoke experience, with a more rugged atmosphere. Occidental Bar also features a private room with a roaring fire.

This distillery/bar is one of the best in Denver. The space combines a kitchen and a tasting room to showcase their house spirits. Flights and collaborative bottlings are available, along with a special Ella Jones Sherry Rested Bourbon. Try their cocktails, such as the Sippin’ Easy cocktail, which features melon-infused vodka with cucumber and habanero. Snacks include smoked chicken salad and coconut-seed crumble.

Occidental Bar is Denver’s only American comfort food restaurant

The Occidental Bar is Denver’s only authentic American comfort food restaurant, and it is located near Wyandot St and W 37th Ave. The restaurant features outdoor seating and a full service bar. Happy hours and group parties are welcome, and the menu is affordable. A meal for two can cost anywhere from $11 to $30. The Occidental also accepts cards. It has received 26 reviews on OpenTable, with an average rating of four.

Although the Occidental Bar is a dive, its atmosphere is casual and unpretentious, and it gives upscale bars a bad name. The Occidental Bar offers many traditional American comfort food dishes, including vegan chicken tenders. There are also big screens to watch sports, with many New York teams showing games on the bar’s televisions. It is the perfect spot to watch a game or a movie, and its music selection includes punk and metal.

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